Plastic innovation for tomorrow

Plastic innovation for tomorrow

Plastic innovation
for tomorrow

Plastic innovation for tomorrow

Plastic innovation for tomorrow

BiomassResin Group.

Plastic innovation
for tomorrow.

Prior to the establishment of Biomass Resin Holdings, we started our business in 2005, at the time when biomass-related business in Japan was in its infancy.
Since then, we have been committed to the unlimited possibilities of this field as a business and to our responsibility to care for the environment on a global scale.
Since then, we have continued to innovate and overcome many rough patches with our unlimited potential as a business in this field, our responsibility to care for the environment on a global scale, and our inherent unwillingness to give up.
Now, we are developing "Rice Resin," a biomass plastic derived from rice, which is an important resource in Japan and Asia, and "Neoryza", a biodegradable rice-based plastic.
Based on the production and sales of environmentally friendly plastics such as rice-derived biomass plastic "Rice Resin" and biodegradable plastic "Neoryza",
We are confronting global-scale social issues such as marine pollution, global warming, and food loss. We are also working to solve familiar social issues such as domestic agricultural problems and regional revitalization in cooperation with our group companies operating in various parts of Japan. We are tackling these issues with solutions that only we can provide.
Under the slogan "Plastic innovation for tomorrow," we are working to create an inclusive organization that is truly needed by society.
We will do our utmost to create an inclusive organization that is truly needed by society and to take on the challenge from Japan to Asia and the world.

Representative Director & CEO

Kazuhito Kamiya



Rice Resin® is a Japanese biomass plastic derived from rice(inedible rice and recyclable rice). It is made from old rice that is not suitable for human consumption, crushed rice generated by rice snack manufacturers, rice that is not used as animal feed and disposed of as waste rice, and rice re- sources produced by utilizing abandoned rice paddies and fields.


- Products in the market -

- World standard material -

As one of the world-class standard materials,
Rice Resin has been registered with STePP,
a sustainable technology dissemination platform by UNIDO.

※UNIDO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that supports the economic
and industrial development of developing and emerging countries through industrial development.


Neoryza is a biodegradable plastic derived from rice (inedible). The deterioration of the global environment is an undeniable fact that everyone is now aware of. In response to this major challenge for mankind, we at Biomass Resin HD have developed a plastic for the earth, which is Neoryza.




GREEN COMPOUND is Biomass Resin’s proprietary technology for the uniform compound kneading of plant-derived raw materials and chemical raw materials.
It enables the stable production of biomass resins in each region by utilizing plant-derived residues and unutilized resources around the world, like Rice Resins.


-Company Name
Biomass Resin Holdings Co., Ltd.
Laboratory:ERST Lab (Environmental Resource Science and Technology)
March 10, 2020
-Capital Stock
-Representative Director
Kazuhito Kamiya
-Number of Employees
Shin-Marunouchi Building EGG,1-5-1 Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-6510 Japan
Production, sales, and research and development of plastic resin materials using biomass resources
【Business support for group companies】
Business support for Group companies, including sales collaboration, marketing research, PR/advertising support, human resources training, etc.
【Production of biomass plastic raw materials】
Production of biomass plastic "Biomass Resin (rice, wood, etc.)" using the latest technology
【Sales of biomass plastic raw materials】
Supply and sale of low-cost biomass plastic "Biomass Resin"
【Sales of biomass plastic products】
Sales of products using biomass plastic "Biomass Resin"
【Research and development of biomass materials】
Research and development of biomass materials
Evaluation and analysis of chemical industrial products
Development of composite materials
Management of intellectual property

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